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Discover the Issue Troubling Your Pet with Help of an Ultrasound

The most frustrating thing about being a pet owner is not knowing the issue that is troubling your animal companion. You want to help them, but you’re at a loss for what to do. Instead of waiting, take your pet to us at Ferreira Animal Hospital in Miami, FL, so you can understand the issue that is troubling them.


Our veterinarian can identify the specific issue that is troubling your pet. They can utilize different tools for that purpose and an ultrasound is just one of them. An ultrasound can be a remarkably effective diagnostic tool. Learn why we have it at our animal hospital by reading on.

Why an Ultrasound Helps with Proper Pet Care

Our animals can suffer from all kinds of injuries and ailments. Some of them are easy to see. A wound is very visible and your pet limping around is a good indicator that they have injured one of their legs. Of course, not all issues that can jeopardize your animal’s wellbeing are that obvious.

Heart problems can manifest numerous symptoms. Some of those symptoms can be remarkably like the ones associated with other diseases. You may not know that your pet has a serious heart condition until they undergo an ultrasound examination.

An ultrasound exam may even reveal abnormalities with your pet’s heart before they start presenting other issues. The ultrasound service provided by our veterinary clinic can also help with identifying potential issues with your pet’s pregnancy. If there are any abnormalities, the ultrasound exam will help pick up on them.

Ultrasound exams can also be useful for diagnosing all kinds of soft tissue injuries. The ultrasound exam could help you identify that mysterious ailment that has been troubling your pet for quite some time now.

Are Ultrasound Exams Stressful for Pets?

Will undergoing an ultrasound exam at our animal hospital be a stressful experience for your pet? That will depend on your pet.

Your pet may feel anxious because they don’t understand what’s going on. However, they will be able to calm down if you’re there to care for them. Once your pet calms down, the ultrasound examination should go by smoothly. The procedure is painless so they can just lie there and wait for the exam to finish.

The veterinarian you’re working with will likely not administer any anesthesia unless an additional procedure must be performed on your pet. Ultrasound exams can also be completed quickly so it won’t be long before your pet can get comfortable again.

Contact Us to for More Information about Pet Care

Does your pet need an ultrasound exam? Allow us at Ferreira Animal Hospital to perform that important examination on your beloved companion. We extend our expert veterinary services to Miami, FL, residents so pay us a visit or contact us if you need assistance. Call us at (786) 275-4629.