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Pets need a great deal of care, there is no denying that. With the right veterinary care your pet can lead a long and healthy life free of pain and suffering. When it comes to diagnostic testing, one common diagnostic that is performed on pets is ultrasound.


What Might an Ultrasound Be Used For?

Ultrasounds for pets in a veterinarian office can be for a variety of things. From the very obvious pregnancy in female pets, to more complicated matters like bladder problems or checking internal organs in others. For those looking for a veterinarian in Miami, Ferreira Animal Hospital is a wonderful choice that has all the necessary equipment to give your pet the ultrasound that it needs.

Ultrasounds are used for all measure of different diagnostic reasons. For starters, an ultrasound can monitor a pregnancy in a female animal and can help to make sure that your pet is happy and healthy and that the pregnancy is progressing normally. It can also help with a range of other diagnostic purposes. If your pet has swallowed something or if the vet suspects that there might be an issue with an internal organ, an ultrasound can show the vet your pet’s organs in real time so that they can determine what is wrong.

An ultrasound can also be used to look for soft tissue damage and can show things that an x-ray simply does not have the capability of showing. With the right animal hospital, you can determine if your pet needs an ultrasound or if some other form of imaging is going to work best. With ultrasound you can see the soft tissues of the body and can therefore detect damage and look for things that might need to be repaired or that need surgery.

Does Your Pet Need an Ultrasound?

Your vet is going to be the best person to tell you if your pet is in need of an ultrasound or not. With the help of a vet and their staff you can learn all about what an ultrasound can do for your pet and you can also determine what sort of imaging is going to help with the overall treatment. Not all pets are going to need an ultrasound but those that do can benefit greatly from it.

In most cases, your vet is going to do as much as possible without an ultrasound as they can be stressful to pets and owners alike. A good vet will do a physical exam and will work to make sure they are checking your pet and that an ultrasound is the right course of treatment for your pet before they proceed.