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Pet Allergies

Have you ever thought you heard your pet sniffling or even wheezing? Did it catch you by surprise? You're not alone! Some people don't realize that, just like humans, cats and dogs can also be susceptible to the effects of allergies, allergens, seasonal and food allergies, or more. If your pet is undergoing allergic reactions due to an unknown allergen, take them to our veterinarian on our veterinary team to get care for your animal.

At Ferreira Animal Hospital, we are here to provide you with veterinary care services and pet allergies treatment in Miami, FL. Our veterinarian has years of experience dedicated to helping cats, dogs, and other animals find relief. With the help of our veterinary staff, we can provide care for your pet’s allergies and help improve his or her quality of life.

Pet Allergies

What Causes Pet Allergies?

Just like humans, pet allergies are caused by the immune system of your pet being triggered by a certain allergen. Although this allergen might be harmless, such as a buildup of dust or pollen, your pet's immune system mistakes it for an invader and attacks itself, leading to the symptoms of allergies.

For pets, allergens can come in the form of food, seasonal allergens, dust mites, pollen, dirt, dander, and also grooming ointments and treatments. These allergies can occur even if there wasn't an allergy before.

If your pet is sneezing, wheezing, having trouble breathing, vomiting, having diarrhea, or if they break out in hives, then they may have allergies. Take your animal to our veterinarian at our animal hospital for treatment so you  can get back to your life with our pet care.

How Are Pet Allergies Treated?

A good way to treat pet allergies is to get rid of the allergen that is causing your animal's symptoms. This allergen may need to be eradicated from your pet's diet, from their grooming products, or even from your household products if that is the source of their allergies.

Our veterinarian at our animal hospital can help determine the allergen by doing a physical exam, running tests, and also asking questions about changes in your animal's diet.

In addition, she can prescribe medication to help provide pet care for your pet's allergies, such as steroids and antihistamines.

Get Pet Care for Pet Allergies from a Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital

Help your pet feel relief by calling us at (786) 275-4629 and scheduling an appointment at Ferreira Animal Hospital serving Miami, FL.