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Ferreira Animal Hospital: Diagnostic Laboratory


When pets get sick, it is important for pet owners to have a reliable hospital that they can trust with their furry friends. Most people consider their pet to be a member of their family. Therefore, their pet should receive high-quality healthcare. When pet owners are deciding where to take their loved one, there are several factors to consider. One of these is the quality of the laboratory at the hospital. The better the lab, the more likely it is that the hospital is going to arrive at the proper diagnosis. For those in the Miami area who are looking for a place to take their pet, the Ferreira Animal Hospital has some helpful information on veterinary laboratories to share.

Qualities of the Laboratory to Consider

When looking for a lab for your pet, there are a few factors that everyone should keep in mind. Some of these include:

Types of Tests that the Lab Run: The first factor to consider is the type of tests that the lab can run. Some of the basic tests include CBC, BMP, and urine. These tests give the vets important information on what might be wrong with the pet. They need to have this information.

The Calibration of the Equipment: The equipment in the lab needs to be calibrated from time to time. This ensures that the equipment has an accurate reference point and will deliver accurate results to the vet. Calibration impacts the accuracy of the results. The equipment needs to be maintained on schedule.

The Nature of the Equipment: As technology continues to advance, more and more advanced lab equipment is going to be developed. Labs need to invest in the latest equipment to make sure that they stay on the cutting edge of healthcare. Advanced lab equipment can provide more information to the medical team.

Make sure to ask the animal hospital about the quality of their lab. This will make an impact on the quality of the care that they can provide for their patients and their families.

Trust the Experienced Veterinarian Team at the Ferreira Animal Hospital

It is important to find a lab that families can rely on. At the Ferreira Animal Hospital, we take a lot of pride in providing all of our patients with access to the most advanced laboratory equipment around. We have the tools necessary to make sure that we find the right diagnosis for your furry friend. Please, call us today at 786-275-4629 to schedule an appointment.