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Pet Bathing

Pet Bathing Services at Ferreira Animal Hospital

Bathing a pet that doesn't much care for water or shampoo can prove so challenging that many owners simply hold their noses and let their animals be. But neglect of any part of your pet's body, including his skin, is asking for trouble. Bacterial infections, allergic dermatitis, and other problems cause serious health issues and discomfort for your four-legged friend. Fortunately, you can delegate those pet bathing duties, along with any skin care or grooming your pet may need, to our skilled team at Ferreira Animal Hospital.

Golden Retriever Getting A Bath

The Importance of Bathing Your Pet

Periodic pet bathing does much more than simply make him smell good. Bathing can remove accumulations of skin oils and dead skin cells which attract bacteria as a potential food source. The removal of caked-on dirt further reduces the danger of bacterial infections. Removing excess oil and dirt can also help prevent the oil glands from clogging up and creating painful cysts.

Is your pet constantly scratching? Itchy skin can indicate a variety of potential problems. Fleas and ticks typically create dermatitis, leaving your pet with hot spots or other lesions. As he scratches or licks the lesions, the skin may become broken, adding the injury of bacterial infection to the insult of dermatitis. Environmental allergens such as airborne pollutants or poison oak can also irritate the skin. Your pet might even have fungal infections such as ringworm, which causes both skin lesions and hair loss. These and other skin issues can be alleviated by soothing baths and medicated shampoos.

Medicated Treatments and Preventative Care

Bring your pet to Ferreira Animal Hospital for his next bath. Our team will first check for any lumps of matted hair that might need to be removed so your pet will have a comfortable experience. We have a lot of experience handling pets, so we can keep your pet still and calm as we work. We use gentle shampoos that won't dry or irritate your pet's skin. If we find a medical condition that calls for care, we can prescribe medicated shampoos designed to work on that particular problem. For instance, we can provide flea and tick baths that remove both infestations and the dermatitis they cause. We can even perform other kinds of "preventative maintenance" such as toenail trimming.

Schedule Pet Bathing From Your Miami Veterinarian

Different types and breeds of animals may require more or less frequent baths, so let Ferreira Animal Hospital be your guide. Call (786) 275-4629 to ask either Miami veterinarian on our team about your pet's bathing schedule and schedule any necessary pet bathing services!