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Microchipping FAQs

At Ferreira Animal Hospital in Miami, we would like to address a few frequently asked questions about microchipping pets. Microchipping involves using long-lasting animal microchips to facilitate pet identification should your dog, cat, or other beloved animals ever become lost or stolen. Read on for clarity regarding this tiny tech lifesaver.


What is Pet Microchipping?

An animal microchip is a rice-sized glass capsule containing a unique unalterable code that Ferreira Animal Hospital, or any other veterinary facility, implants via quick injection under a pet's skin, most often between the shoulder blades. If your Miami cat or dog becomes lost and then found, their microchip number links to your contact info when scanned at shelters and vet offices, so you may be promptly reunited instead of your pet being mistakenly adopted.

Is Microchipping Mandatory in Florida?

While few US states have laws that currently mandate microchipping, many counties enforce licensing requiring some identification proof, hence dog microchip and cat microchip becoming common. However, tags can break off collars while pet tracking via embedded dog or cat microchips offers permanent identification. As animal microchips become more prevalent, eventually allowing nationwide pet recovery database integration, official regulations likely loom, so proactive implantation brings future compliance assurance while preventing heartache today if pets stray from Miami homes.

How Long Do Implanted Pet Microchips Last?

Reputable ISO-compliant 12mm microchips carry lifetime guarantees with proven durability in cat and dog patients of all sizes and breeds without batteries or charging requirements, unlike GPS collars needing frequent replacement. Once embedded, microchips reliably function for decades, so annual checks at your Miami veterinarian focus more on surveying scanability than microchip lifespan. Upkeep involves confirming registry contact data stays current should families move or change phone numbers.

International Pet Microchip Options?

Tracking technology improves yearly, but vets still implant the common types functional at US shelters for basic ID confirmation through microchip scanners. However, investing about $100 buys peace of mind securing pets across borders when traveling overseas long-term. Certain public animal shelters in Canada, Mexico, and the EU recognize international chips, linking to globally accessible databases for simplified lost pet reunification abroad. Consult your Miami veterinarian about compatible options.

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Are you looking for a veterinarian near you? Protect your pets over a lifetime by adding microchips to fundamental ID tools like tags. Ferreira Animal Hospital compassionately serves the Miami region. Call us anytime to add this essential layer of defense should calamity separate your beloved companion from home.