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Pet Eye Infections FAQ

Eye infections are common in dogs and cats. When a pet has an eye infection, they need to see a veterinarian to get the proper pet care. There are cures for many pet eye infections, so make sure to bring in your pet when you notice something wrong with their eyes. Your pet may need to see a veterinarian to get a prescription medication to get rid of the infection when possible. When you have a veterinary problem with your pet, we at Ferreira Animal Hospital serving Miami, FL, animal hospital to schedule your pet care appointment. 

Pet Eye Infections FAQ

How Do Pets Get Eye Infections?

There are several eye infections that are common to dogs and cats, and there are a variety of causes. There are some eye infections that come from viral infections, while others come from bacterial or fungal infections. When pets are exposed to these infectious methods, they often get eye inflammation that can be harmful to the eye. When you notice that your pet's eyes are looking different from normal, be sure to take them to a veterinary clinic for assessment. Many eye infections can be cleared up with a simple antibiotic or anti-inflammatory medication. 

Do Pets Get Conjunctivitis?

Yes, both dogs and cats can get this type of eye infection. This is a common type of eye infection that is caused when the conjunctiva of the eyes is inflamed. This is the membrane that lines the eyes and eyelids. When eye infections happen to this lining, it can be painful for pets. These infections can be caused by viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. There are also a few ways that pets can get these infections from non-infectious means, such as by having allergies or a tumor. There are a couple of common symptoms to be aware of. The eyes may have a discharge that is cloudy or looks yellow-green. The eyes may also water. When newborn puppies first open their eyes, this infection is common. Watch for these symptoms at that time. When a pet has conjunctivitis, there are medications that can cure the infection in most cases. Be sure to bring your pet to see the veterinarian. 

Which Eye Infections Can Cats Get?

In addition to conjunctivitis, cats can also get uveitis. This is an eye infection that can be highly serious to cats. It causes them a lot of pain, and it can lead to blindness. When a cat has this infection, it is caused by underlying diseases that can then affect the eyes.

See a Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital for Pet Care for Eye Infections

When you have a pet who may have an eye infection, they need veterinary help. Call us at (786) 275-4629 for Ferreira Animal Hospital, our Miami, FL, animal hospital if you suspect that your pet may have one of several eye infections. They may need a pet exam and pet care treatment.