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Radiology (X-Rays)

State-Of-The-Art X-rays In Miami

Pets, like people, are capable of sustaining serious injuries. If you are looking for exceptional veterinary care for your companion friend, it is essential to find an animal hospital with a variety of diagnostic resources. One of the most important diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine is X-rays. Here at Ferreira Animal Hospital, we are pleased to offer this unique service for our patients in Miami and the surrounding area.


How do X-Rays Work?

X-rays, also known as radiography, are a type of imaging used by veterinarians to reveal information that cannot be seen physically. When someone gets an x-ray, a small beam of radiation passes through the body. The radiation from x-rays can only pass through soft tissue, such as the skin and organs, since they cannot absorb the radiation. Bones, on the other hand, can absorb radiation, which can appear on the metal film for veterinarians to view. X-rays are very effective at identifying many medical issues, such as fractures.

How do X-Rays Impact Medical Decision-Making?

The results of an x-ray can play a tremendous role in the ultimate decision of a veterinarian. X-rays are also a critical part of pet care. For example, when a doctor orders an x-ray, he or she may not be entirely certain whether or not a bone fracture is present. Even if a fracture is present, the vet also needs to decide if surgery is necessary. If a bone fracture is not seen on the x-ray, the veterinary team has to go back to the drawing board and try to figure out what other problems might be causing the pain. X-rays can impact the medical decision-making process.

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X-rays play an important role in the care of a pet that has sustained an injury. At Ferreira Animal Hospital, we are here to provide the veterinary care that all pets deserve. Our veterinarian has training and experience to help pets in need. We are able to treat a variety of issues. If you have any questions about our services, or if you would like to make an appointment with our veterinarian in Miami, FL, please call our veterinary team today at 786-275-4629.