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Ferreira Animal Hospital | Reptiles


Whether it is a snake, iguana, turtle, or some other exotic reptile, these creatures bring a lot of fun to your life as a family pet. While reptiles can have a long and happy life, they do have certain health requirements that must be met just like any other pet you have. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to get to know the needs of the average pet lizard, pet snake, or other reptilian pet before adding one to your home. Here is a collection of some of the things you should know from the experts at the Ferreira Animal Hospital in Miami. 

Proper Nutrition Is Really Important for Reptiles 

Reptiles can have very specific needs when it comes to what you feed them. Otherwise, they can become severely malnourished and suffer detrimental health issues that can affect their lifespan. For example, a pet iguana needs a healthy balance of calcium, vitamins, and minerals, which means they must have some variety in their diet when it comes to the fruits, veggies, and supplements you feed them. If you are not fully aware of what your reptile should be eating, talk to a veterinarian to come up with a good nutrition plan.

Learn When Your Reptile Needs to See a Veterinarian 

Do you know how to tell when your pet lizard, iguana, or pet snake is sick? Reptiles can show that they are ill in very unique ways, and these are things you must get to know when you have a reptile for a pet. Knowing how to spot signs that something is wrong with your reptile can make all the difference to your reptile's health. Talk to your veterinarian about signs and symptoms you spot so you know what needs to be done to protect your reptile's health. 

Get to Know Proper Environmental Requirements for Your Pet Reptile 

If reptiles are not given the proper environment in your home, their well-being and health can be severely impacted. For example, some pet lizards need a certain level of UV light in order to properly absorb nutrition from their food, and some pet snakes are going to need a heat rock in their enclosure to regulate their body temperature. Your veterinarian can help you make sure you are giving your pet everything it needs to stay healthy. 

Contact Us about Veterinary Care for Your Pet Lizard or Snake in Miami 

Even though reptiles can seem like they are all good on their own without veterinarian intervention, these unique creatures need veterinary care just like all pets. Contact us at Ferreira Animal Hospital in Miami, FL to schedule an appointment for a wellness visit for your pet lizard, iguana, or snake.