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Puppy and Kitten Care

Puppy and Kitten Care

Becoming the owner of a puppy or kitten is an exciting time. During this stage of a pet's life, providing proper care is of the utmost importance. One step that will keep your new pet in the best possible health is to bring them to Ferreira Animal Hospital in Miami to meet with our veterinarian on a routine basis. Here are some tips to follow when caring for a puppy or kitten so that they remain as healthy as possible during this important part of their life.

Puppy and Kitten Care

Do Not Wait for an Appointment

It is best to contact our practice as soon as you acquire your new pet. This way veterinary care is obtained as quickly as possible, ensuring your kitten or puppy is as healthy as possible during a time when thriving and growing properly are issues to consider. You will also have the opportunity to provide your pet with the necessary vaccinations to protect it from a variety of harmful diseases or troublesome medical conditions. Our vet will discuss the importance of microchipping, spaying or neutering, and preventing parasites with you during your pet's first appointment.

Check Your Home for Hazardous Situations

Puppies and kittens are curious by nature. Because of this, it is easy for a young animal to get into trouble with items you have around the home. Make it a priority to do a check of your home and surrounding property for items that could cause harm to your new pet. This includes sharp items, items with protrusions or strings, or chemical agents. Remove or cover potentially harmful items or substances before allowing your pet to access these areas. Get down on all fours and crawl in areas that your pet will be using so you can see items from their viewpoint. This will make it easier for you to locate items that could cause injury or sickness.

Gather Necessary Items for Your Pet's Comfort

Your new puppy or kitten will require a few items to keep it healthy and comfortable as it gets used to its home. Provide your pet with a warm blanket or pet bed for slumber. Place this on the floor as your pet may not be able to it if you raise it to high. A pet dish and watering bowl are necessary for feeding time. Keep these in the same area of your home so your pet will become used to their location. A litter box is necessary for a kitten and a leash for a puppy as well.

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Contact Ferreira Animal Hospital to find out more about pet care service our veterinary team provides. Reach our veterinarian by calling our Miami office at (786) 275-4629.