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Senior Care

Ferreira Animal Hospital Offers Senior Pet Care

Pets that reach senior age may begin to develop certain health problems related to aging. These animals may require more frequent veterinary attention and care. At Ferreira Animal Hospital in Miami, FL, we can help your senior pet maximize his or her older years for better health and optimum quality of life.

Ferreira Animal Hospital Offers Senior Pet Care

Common Problems in Senior Pets

Both cats and dogs are susceptible to many different diseases, maladies, and dysfunctions as they age. Diabetes, heart, kidneys, liver, and thyroid disorders, osteoarthritis, progressive joint deterioration, vision and hearing problems, difficulty self-grooming, urinary tract problems, and weakened immune systems all happen to senior dogs and cats significantly more often than they do in younger animals.

Veterinary Treatments Help Animals Live Healthier, More Comfortable Lives

Our Miami vet can provide thorough testing and treatment for diseases caused by aging. Here are a few common conditions are how we treat them:

-Thyroid conditions can be treated with medications.

-Diabetes can be treated with daily injections.

-Pain medications can help with arthritis discomfort and stiffness.

-Weight problems, which contribute to disease in animals just as it does in people, can be managed to provide better health and activity levels.

-Immunizations can protect pets from diseases that can impair their health and threaten their lives.

How to Give Your Senior Pet Extra Care and Attention

If your pet is having vision problems, avoid re-arranging furniture and make sure to minimize hazards your pet may bump in to. Hearing problems may require you to stand in an animal’s field of vision to give hand signals. Make sure your animal’s bedding offers cushioning for tender joints and is in a warm, draft-free area. Avoid weight problems by giving healthier treats or only tiny bits of treats to reward good behavior. It’s also a good idea to take your pet to your veterinarian more frequently to catch health problems in the early stages, when they can be treated more easily.

Make Ferreira Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian in Miami

Dr. Ferreira and Dr. Baquero combine their extensive training in veterinary medicine to provide quality care for their patients in Miami, FL, and the surrounding communities. We offer many services for our patients, including vaccinations, preventative care, dental care, diagnostics, surgery, laser therapy, emergency care, and hospice care. Call Ferreira Animal Hospital today at (786) 275-4629 for an appointment for an examination, and to learn the best ways to care for your senior pet.