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What Nobody Tells You about Pet Microchipping

Microchipping is widely promoted as a method for reuniting lost pets with their owners. While it is a valuable tool, there are some important aspects of pet microchipping that pet owners should be aware of. If you are interested in a dog microchip, cat microchip, or animal microchip from a veterinarian near you, we at Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic in Miami, FL, are here for you. Call us to learn more about how we can help with pet identification.


Not a Pet Locator for Pet Tracking

Microchips themselves are passive implants containing a unique identification number. When scanned by a veterinary professional or animal shelter worker using a special reader, the microchip number is detected. This number is then used to look up the pet owner's contact information in a national pet recovery database. There is no pet tracking device in a microchip, so it won't provide real-time location updates and wouldn’t be considered a pet locator.

Update Your Information Regularly

The success of microchipping relies on having your current contact information linked to your pet's microchip number. If you move, change your phone number, or update your email address, be sure to update this information in the pet recovery database associated with your pet's microchip.

Not a Guarantee

While microchipping increases the chances of a lost pet being returned, it is not a foolproof guarantee. There are several reasons why a microchip might not lead to a reunion:

●             Scanner Not Available: Not all individuals or organizations encountering lost pets will have access to a microchip scanner.

●             Database Errors: Data entry mistakes or delays in updating contact information can hinder the reunification process.

●             Unscanned Pets: Unfortunately, not all shelters or veterinary clinics routinely scan for microchips.

Get Veterinary Care, Pet Identification, and Animal Microchipping from a Veterinarian Near You

For more information on microchipping and responsible pet ownership, or to schedule an appointment for your pet to be microchipped, contact our team at Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic, your trusted veterinarian near you in Miami, FL. We are committed to helping you keep your furry companion safe and sound. Call us at (786) 275-4629 for a dog microchip, cat microchip, or animal microchip from a veterinarian near you.