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At Ferreira Animal Hospital, we have years of experience providing pet owners in Miami, FL with reliable veterinary care. Our practice offers a wide range of services to keep your furry friend safe, healthy, and happy for years to come. When you visit our animal hospital, we will assess the health of your pet to identify and address any health conditions your pet is experiencing.

Comprehensive Exams and Preventative Care 

Many health problems can be avoided altogether through preventative care. During yearly physical exams, our veterinarian checks your pet overhead to tail, inside and out, for any issues. Whether your pet is as healthy or is suffering from an underlying condition, a comprehensive exam is the first step to making sure your pet stays healthy.


Our veterinarian may identify a problem that requires surgery to address. Surgery can be performed right here at Ferreira Animal Hospital. Our surgical staff is highly trained in both simple and complex procedures, including spaying and neutering. Your pet will receive compassionate, professional care during surgery, with a focus on pain management and patient safety. If we determine your pet must undergo surgery, our veterinarian will guide you through the process.  


Modern vaccines have allowed pets to live longer, happier lives. Your pet can receive their vaccines right here at our office, with our veterinarian devising a personalized vaccine plan that fits your pet’s unique needs. Alongside comprehensive exams, vaccines can prevent problems before they begin, providing you with peace of mind. 

Pet Illness and Urgent Care

Even with the most careful supervision, accidents and illness may still occur. If you find your pet in need of immediate care, you can bring them straight to us for help. If possible, call the clinic before you come in so we can begin treatment immediately upon your arrival. 


Clean teeth and gums are as important for pets as they are for people. At Ferreira Animal Hospital, we offer pet dentistry services as part of our preventative measures. Regular cleanings and exams can keep your pet’s mouth fresh and disease-free.


Ferreira Animal Hospital offers a range of other services as well, including: 

  • Bathing
  • Boarding
  • Grooming
  • Pharmacy services
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Hospice and euthanasia

Veterinarian in Miami, FL

Ferreira Animal Hospital is here to serve all of your pet’s needs. If you’re looking for veterinary services in Miami, FL, we offer all of the services your pet could need over its lifetime under one roof. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at (786) 275-4629.