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Parasite Prevention and Control

One of the health issues your pet can experience is parasites, which typically come in the form of a flea or tick or come by ingesting something they shouldn't. Parasites can spread from one animal to another but preventative pet care reduces the risk. If you're in the Miami, FL, area and looking for a veterinarian near you to help with parasite control, we at Ferreira Animal Hospital are the right choice. Our “veterinarian near me” is here to help.

prevent worms on the dog

Causes of Being Infected by Parasites

Your pet eating something he finds outdoors, which could be spoiled or otherwise contaminated, can transmit parasites. Additionally, if your pet comes into close contact with other animals who have parasites, he could end up contracting them. Our goal is to keep your pet from getting parasites, such as heartworms, and by using the right preventative care.

Preventative Pet Care

Our veterinarian can make recommendations for the preventative pet care your pet needs to reduce the risk of parasites. There are medications that can reduce the risk of your pet picking up fleas and ticks and that helps lower their chances for worms. It's not a complete guarantee of a completely parasite-free life but it's an important step in keeping your pet's risk level low.

Symptoms of Parasites in Your Pet

If your pets do contract parasites, you might notice worms in their fecal matter. You may also find that they're eating more than usual, vomiting, or losing weight. If you notice these signs in your pets, especially if they've been around other animals, or have been outside unsupervised, it might be important to take them to our veterinarian for an evaluation.

Parasite Control for Peace of Mind

Good parasite control for your pet, such as vet-recommended flea and tick control, can give you peace of mind, and help you feel more confident about his risk. You can also take steps to help protect him, such as keeping him indoors when you aren't watching them, and being cautious about what others animals you introduce him to.

Get Preventative Pet Care and Parasite Control from Our Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital

If you're in the Miami, FL, area and need preventative pet care for parasite control, get in touch with us at Ferreira Animal Hospital today. We take your pet's care seriously, and want to make sure he has all the care and support he needs for the best possible health. Call us at (786) 275-4629 for more information from our “veterinarian near me” at our animal hospital.