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Common Causes of Seizures in Pets

Common Causes of Seizures in Pets

One problem that can occur without warning is when a pet has a seizure. Of course, this can be distressing for everyone involved. If this happens, our veterinarian at Ferreira Animal Hospital in Miami has the expertise to provide your pet with the right care. Consider the common causes of seizures in pets.

Why Do Pets Have Seizures?

The cause of seizures varies between animals. They commonly happen when the brain suffers from a disrupted motor function signal. Seizures often happen suddenly and may not be instantly noticeable. The severity of the seizures ranges from small movements and facial twitches to extreme convulsions.

Poisons or Toxins

Dogs, cats, and other animals can have seizures from being exposed to toxins and poisons. For instance, all types of chocolate, including white chocolate, contain a poisonous chemical called theobromine. Theobromine is toxic to cats and dogs. Other toxins that can be poisonous to animals include xylitol, mushrooms, homemade play dough, cannabis, and numerous others.

Severe Anemia

When a dog has severe anemia, it can be an indication of an underlying condition or illness. For one, if a dog has cancer or stomach ulcers, this can cause the animal to lose an excessive amount of blood. This can lead to anemia. An anemic dog can have lowered hemoglobin or a reduced amount of red blood cells. Since hemoglobin plays a vital role in removing carbon dioxide and carrying oxygen in the dog's body and brain, interruptions and shortages in this process can lead to seizures.

Other Causes of Pet Seizures

There are several other causes of seizures in pets. These include cancer, idiopathic epilepsy, blood disorders or low blood sugar, brain trauma, and brain tumors. While seeing a seizure happen can be traumatic, it can often appear to cause more harm than it actually does. Keeping calm, timing the seizure, and focusing on comforting your pet can be very helpful.

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