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How to Prepare For Your First Road Trip With Your Pet

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Ferreira Animal Hospital Discusses How to Prepare For Your First Road Trip With Your Pet

If you are thinking about taking a trip with your dog or cat in tow, being prepared for the excursion in advance will help to keep your pet happy while on the road. Contact Ferreira Animal Hospital in Miami, FL to meet with our veterinarian to inquire about travel tips to make pet road trips safe and enjoyable for your furry friend. Here are some points to keep in mind when preparing pets for travel.

Keep Your Pet Safely Contained Or Leashed

It is best to keep a cat inside of a pet carrier while inside of a vehicle. This will keep your pet from getting underfoot while you are at the wheel of the vehicle and will help to keep your pet from slipping out of the vehicle. Many dogs enjoy watching out windows when taking road trips in a vehicle. Make sure your dog is leashed while inside of your vehicle so you can grab onto it when exiting your vehicle.

Bring Along Some Comforts From Home

Your pet will appreciate having a few items they use at home to help them remain comfortable during your trip. A warm blanket to rest upon and a few toys to entertain your pet are necessary. Bring along food from home rather than hoping to find your pet's favorite brand in unfamiliar areas. This will help to keep stomach discomfort from happening.

See Our Veterinarian For A Pet Exam

It is best to have an exam conducted by our veterinarian before your trip. This will ensure your dog or cat is healthy enough to be away from home in confined quarters. If you know your pet suffers from anxiety, prescription medication will help to keep your pet calm while on the road. It is also best to have your pet up-to-date with vaccinations.

Contact Ferreira Animal Hospital in Miami, FL Today!

Contact Ferreira Animal Hospital in Miami to schedule an appointment for a checkup before pet road trips are taken. Our veterinarian will discuss further travel tips during your session. Call us at (786) 275-4629.