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Puppy and Kitten Care

Puppy and Kitten

When you bring home a new puppy or kitten, you take on a huge new responsibility. Your new furry friend will bring you lots of joy, but it is important to take your new responsibility seriously and learn all you can about pet care so that your pet lives a long and happy life. At Ferreira Animal Hospital, serving Miami and the surrounding areas, Dr. Ferreira is here to help. Let’s look at some of the things to keep in mind when you take care of a puppy or kitten.

Veterinarian Visits

Soon after getting your new puppy or kitten, you will want to make an appointment at the animal hospital. A veterinary care appointment will be an important first step in pet care. Your pet will receive a thorough evaluation. During this evaluation, the veterinarian will check for any physical deformities or abnormalities. The vet will also perform important health screenings. Different types of screenings are done on cats and dogs. We will also advise you on the best type of food to provide and other important pet care details.


To keep your puppy or kitten in top shape, it will need certain vaccinations. These vaccinations protect your pet from infectious diseases and infections that can be spread through the animals in your community. If you have concerns about any of the vaccines, you can discuss them with our vet during the visit. Vaccines are most effective when they are given on time, so it is important to stay on the recommended vaccine schedule.

Spay and Neuter

You will also want to discuss having your animal spayed or neutered. This is an important way you can increase the quality of life for your pet. If you are not planning on breeding your animal, then you should have it spayed or neutered as soon as it is old enough.

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