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Parvo FAQs

Parvo FAQs

Parvo is one of the most contiguous and devastating diseases for dogs. It is also one of the diseases you can protect your dog from with a yearly vaccination from our veterinarian in Miami. Our team at Ferreira Animal Hospital has put together some of the questions that we run into regarding Parvo.

What Are Parvo Symptoms?

Loss of thirst and appetite are some of the first symptoms. After those, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, and sluggishness occur. The virus attacks your dog’s digestive system. This virus often leads to severe dehydration and eventually, death. Your dog has the best chances of survival if you get treatment right away from an animal hospital.

How Do You Know if Your Dog Has Parvo?

If your dog has the previously mentioned symptoms, then our veterinarian can do an inexpensive and quick test to check. It tests for the disease in your dog’s feces and is very accurate.

Are Certain Dogs More Likely to Get Parvo?

Puppies that haven’t been fully vaccinated and are under four months of age are more likely to get the disease. The stronger the dog’s immune system is, the better the chance he or she has for survival. Young puppies are more vulnerable.

How Can You Prevent Your Dog from Getting Parvo?

The best way to prevent parvo is with vaccinations. There are combination vaccines that contain a component for parvo. You should vaccinate your puppy beginning at six weeks and then every three to four weeks until 16 weeks. Young puppies should be kept at home until they are fully vaccinated. Parvo is everywhere and common in public places where dogs are, such as dog parks.

How Is the Virus Spread?

The virus is spread through contact with feces from an infected dog. While dogs don’t show symptoms for up to two weeks, they start shedding within a few days of infection.

How Can You Disinfect Your Home?

Parvo can live in the environment for months if you don’t properly disinfect it. When your dog has stopped shedding the virus, be sure to pick up any infected feces and discard it immediately. The yard will be infected for six months or more since it’s difficult to decontaminate the soil. Use a solution of one part bleach and 32 parts water to clean all of the contaminated walls, floors, and surfaces. Don’t bring any unvaccinated dogs into the home for at least six months.

Get Pet Care in Miami, FL

If your dog has any of the symptoms of parvo, contact our team at Ferreira Animal Hospital right away. Call us today at (786) 275-4629 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ferreira.