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The Importance of Pet Microchipping

Your pet is a part of your family, and just as you wouldn't want a human member to run off and get lost, you don't want your pet to run away and get lost either. Unfortunately, pets can sometimes run off when they are frightened, such as when fireworks are going off or when someone leaves the door open when the pet has a tendency to run. When your pet has a microchip implanted, it significantly increases the odds of being reunited with your furry friend quickly. Our team at Ferreira Animal Hospital in Miami offers pet microchipping that could save your pet from being lost forever.

What Is Pet Microchipping?

Microchipping is a process in which a tiny microchip is inserted just under your pet's skin near its shoulders and neck. The chip contains a serial number that can be found in a national database with your contact information. The chips are readable using a special scanner that veterinarians and animal shelter staff have at their facilities. Note that there are different registries, so talk to our veterinarian about the most commonly used ones to give your pet the best chance of being returned.

Why it is Needed

Pets can't talk, and ID collars sometimes come off. Also, some not-so-nice people will take pets and remove the collars. With no collar and no ability to provide an address, a pet is lost unless it has a microchip with your contact information.

The Microchipping Procedure

The chip is inserted into the pet's skin using a needle. The procedure is fast and does not require the pet to wear a cone. Recovery time after the procedure is minimal.

Pet Microchipping in Miami, FL

At Ferreira Animal Hospital in Miami, our veterinarian provides pet microchipping and a variety of other veterinary services to help pets and their owners enjoy peace of mind. Call us today at (786) 275-4629 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ferreira.