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Ultrasound FAQ

Pet Ultrasound FAQ

If your veterinarian in Miami tells you that your pet needs an ultrasound, there are different things you may want to know.

Why Does Your Pet Need an Ultrasound?

There are many different reasons why the vet could request an ultrasound. There may need to be a confirmation of pregnancy or it can be used to investigate abdominal problems with the intestines or bladder.

What Happens during the Ultrasound?

The vet shaves or clips the hair from the area that is going to be examined. He or she then coats the area in a gel that helps improve the image and passes a wand over the area to create the image.

Is It Necessary to Shave the Animal’s Hair?

In most cases, it is necessary. Sometimes that hair can be moistened and the ultrasound works, but for many exams, it's required for the ultrasound probe to make direct contact with the skin.

What Steps Should be Done to Prepare for the Ultrasound?

Special preparation may not be necessary, but it depends on what area of your pet is being examined. For example, the bladder may need to be full so your pet should not urinate within three to six hours of the test. For conditions such as pregnancy or looking at the intestines, nothing special may need to be done unless anesthesia is involved.

What Organs Can’t Be Looked at with an Ultrasound?

There are some things that cannot be diagnosed with an ultrasound. The lungs are filled with air so they can’t be studied. The spinal cord, brain, and skeletal system also cannot be seen on an ultrasound.

Is Anesthesia Required for an Ultrasound?

If your pet remains calm and cooperative, there will not be any anesthesia needed to perform the ultrasound. However, if biopsies need to be taken as part of the exam then a short acting anesthesia is needed to prevent complications.

When Do You Know the Results of an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound is done in real time, so the results are known immediately. In some cases, the images are given to a radiologist for further consideration. If this happens, it will be a few days before you get the results.

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