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Holiday Fun With Your Pet

Share The Holiday Spirit With Your Pet 

The holidays are the perfect time to not only indulge in sweet treats and dine on delicious foods, but to also spend time with family and furry animals. Here are some suggestions for fun holiday pet activities from your veterinary friends at Ferreira Animal Hospital in Miami.  

Fun Pet-Friendly Holiday Activities

While every dog and cat appreciates a holiday treat from their Christmas stocking, physical activities and playtime can make for a joyous holiday season. Here are some fun recreations to do with your pets during the holiday to show you care.

  • Have a short play session in the backyard. If you’re lucky enough to have snow, then take your furry companions out for a fun run through it or toss a toy around for fetching to help them burn off energy. Promptly dry your pets off afterward to prevent illness. 
  • Take your pets to get a photo with Santa Claus or have them enter a holiday photo contest. 
  • Find local community activities in Miami for your pets to attend. Many local shelters host special holiday-related events, specifically for animals, complete with contests, obstacle courses, games, and playrooms for smaller pets like cats and rabbits. Many also offer pet-approved treats and hold fun fundraising walks. Check your city or county’s event pages and social media for local holiday pet events, or ask your veterinarian for recommendations. 

Keep Your Pets Healthy Over the Holidays

The holiday season can present dangers to your pets, such as the ingestion of toxic foods, plants, and ornaments. If your furry friends appear to be under the weather, call our veterinary team in Miami at Ferreira Animal Hospital today. You can reach our veterinarian by contacting us at 786-275-4629.