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The Importance of Regular Trips to the Vet

Veterinarian in Miami holding a dog and cat.

The Importance of Regular Trips to the Vet

Here at Ferreira Animal Hospital, we recommend bringing your pet to a Miami vet for an annual check-up. During this check-up, your pet's gums and teeth are examined, they are weighed, their eyes and ears are looked at, their skin is examined, their joints are tested and their overall health is evaluated. Here are two of the reasons why we strongly recommend every pet owner bring their pet for a yearly examination. 

Helps Catch Health Problems Early

One of the reasons why you should bring your pet in for an annual exam is because it allows a vet to catch health problems early. During their exam, a vet may be able to catch health problems that you would be unaware of until your pet was already in pain or showing signs and symptoms of the condition. Catching it early often makes many of these conditions easier to control and treat as well. 

Helps Your Pet to Live a Longer, Healthier Life

The other reason why you should bring your pet in for an annual exam is that studies have shown that pets who have regular vet visits live a longer, healthier life than those who don't. For many pet owners, your pet is family. You want to ensure your pet is healthy and a member of your family for as long as possible and regular vet visits ensure this happens. 

Make an Appointment with Our Vet

Have you recently adopted a new pet or moved to Miami? If so, you may be looking for a veterinarian in Miami. Regular vet care is important to your vet and here at Ferreira Animal Hospital we understand that. When you need a vet for routine care or due to illness or injury, call us at (786) 886-2106 to schedule an appointment.