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Is Your House Pet Friendly?

4 Things You Can Do to Make Your House Safer for Your Pets

You might not realize how many safety hazards the average house contains for pets. Cats and dogs are curious and they want to explore everything, including things that might not be safe or healthy for them. Here are a few tips from our veterinary team at Ferreira Animal Hospital on how you can make your house in Miami a more secure place for your pets.

Don't Leave Objects Out That Your Pets Might Want to Eat

Pets don't always have a good sense of what they should eat and what's off-limits. Keep clothes, shoes, toys, and food put away in secure locations where your pets can't try to taste them. If you have houseplants, be aware that some varieties are poisonous to pets. Get rid of poisonous plants or keep them in a room that your pets can't get into.

Keep Your Electrical Cords Out of the Way

Electrical cords can be a tripping hazard for pets, and some pets may try to chew on them. Keep them securely bundled and out of the way so they won't be a temptation for your pets.

Keep Exterior Doors and Windows Securely Closed

Prevent your pets from getting out of the house by keeping your windows closed and latched. Avoid leaving exterior doors propped open or unlatched.

Latch Your Cabinets

Pets like to investigate cabinets and cupboards, especially cats. Get some inexpensive childproof locks to prevent your pets from getting into the garbage bin or getting stuck in a cupboard.

Call a Miami Veterinarian If Your Pets Need Medical Care after a Household Accident

No matter how much you pet-proof your house, accidents still occasionally happen. Do you know where you would take your pets if you needed to find immediate veterinary care in Miami? Ferreira Animal Hospital is taking new patients, and we would be happy to care for your pet. You can reach our animal hospital at (786) 275-4629 to make an appointment with a veterinarian, or to learn more about our services.