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Things to Do Before Boarding Your Pet

What Not to Forget When Boarding Your Pet

Pet boarding can make it easier for you to attend those out of town business meetings or take an impromptu holiday with a significant other. By planning ahead, you can help your pet have a successful boarding experience. The following checklist from Ferreira Animal Hospital in Miami will remind you of what needs to be done before boarding your pet.


Make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date before boarding. Most boarding facilities require pets to be vaccinated before being accepted as a precaution against spreading diseases. The facility's veterinarian may even offer to vaccinate your pet at the onset of his stay.


Be sure your boarding facility knows your pet’s meal schedule and dietary needs. If your pet has dietary restrictions due to allergies or other health conditions, see if you can bring food from home to avoid complications with your pet’s health while you are gone.


If your pet takes medications, inquire whether these medicines are available at your boarding facility or whether you should leave a supply with the staff. Make sure the facility provides pet medication services and are capable of handling your pet’s medication needs. Some facilities charge extra for this service, so be prepared.

Veterinary Care

Check to see what kind of veterinary services the facility provides and whether their veterinarian is on staff or simply on call in the event of an emergency. You should also ensure your facility has ample personnel to handle the animals in their care.

At Ferreira Animal Hospital in Miami, your pet will benefit from experienced caregivers in their field. We make cleanliness, comfort, and safety a priority to ensure your pet has a positive boarding experience. By writing down the most important aspects of your pet’s care such as eating, exercise, cleanliness, and socialization habits along with needs (medications, etc.), we’ll have a better idea of how to fulfill your pet’s physical and emotional needs while you are away.

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