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Why Dental Care for Pets is Important

How Important Is Pet Dental Care?

Like people, pets can develop dental problems that hinder their ability to chew and eat. If not taken care of, these problems can lead to tooth loss or dental disease. At Ferreira Animal Hospital in Miami, your pet can receive preventative dental care to maintain the health of his mouth and teeth. Dental care is an important aspect of your pet’s overall health and wellbeing.

Benefits of Pet Dental Cleaning

Yearly dental checkups will detect any problems that may be developing with your pet’s teeth. Early diagnosis will make it easier to correct dental problems while they are still small and have yet to become major issues. During a dental cleaning, your Miami veterinarian will remove plaque and tartar on your pet’s teeth and check his gums for signs of infection or periodontal (gum) disease.

Periodontal disease is quite common in dogs and cats. In fact, your pet may show signs of this condition as early as three years old. Left unchecked, periodontal disease can weaken your pet’s teeth and cause pain when he eats. In worst case scenarios, it can lead to problems with his heart, liver, and kidneys. Regular dental care can keep the periodontal disease in check to protect the health of your pet.

Dental checkups will also reveal if your pet is suffering from other dental problems like broken or chipped teeth, abscesses, or mouth tumors or cysts.

Signs of Problems with Teeth

At Ferreira Animal Hospital, we suggest your feline or canine companion have a dental checkup annually. If your pet shows signs of dental problems in between checkups, call our veterinarian right away. The following symptoms could be signs that your pet needs dental care:

  • Bad breath
  • Loose or discolored teeth
  • Excess drooling
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Loss of appetite
  • Mouth pain, swelling, or bleeding
  • Signs of irritability or anger, without an apparent cause

Regular dental care is key to helping your pet enjoy good health.

Make an Appointment Today

To schedule a dental checkup and/or cleaning for your feline or canine companion, contact Ferreira Animal Hospital at 786-275-4629.